VCTA Awards

VCTA honours members through the distribution of a range of awards.

VCTA Medal
The VCTA Medal is awarded for exceptional service and leadership to VCTA and business education. The achievement must be long term within Victoria and/or have a national focus.
Nominations close Wednesday 19 April, 2017.

VCTA Medal recipients
Anita Forsyth
Jules Aldous
Michael Rowland
Jim Sonnemann

Nick Thornton
John Glasson.

VCTA Life Membership

To view the list of VCTA Life Members click here.

VCTA Presidents' Award

Introduced in 2015, this award recognises those who have made a significant contribution to VCTA. Nominated by the VCTA President, recipients can be members or non members of VCTA. The recipients are:

2016: Margaret Wilson, teacher at Loreto Mandevile Hall for representing VCTA in a volunteer capacity on the VCAA review panel for the 2015 review of the VCE Economics Study Design

2016: Geoffrey O'Neill, teacher at Glen Waverely SecondaryC ollege for representing VCTA in a volunteer capacity on the VCAA review panel for the 2015 review of the VCE Business Managment Study Design

2015: Professor John Breen, retired from Victoria University where his teaching and research area of specialisation was in the field of Small Business and Entrepreneurship,

2015: Anne Mirstchin
Anne was instrumental in supporting VCTA in its venture into the delivery of webinars. Anne is teacher at Hawkesdale P12 College, a small rural school in Victoria’s western district,

VCTA Certificate of Appreciation

VCTA also acknowledges the many people who, often quietly and behind the scenes, make an outstanding contribution to business/commerce education. Nominations are made by VCTA staff and the VCTA Board of Directors with the Certificates of Appreciation being presented at the end of the year.

VCTA Certificate of Appreciation recipients

  • Jules Aldous (2004)
  • Helen Andersen (2005)
  • Steve Barrile (2004)
  • Vicki Baron (2009)
  • Nicholas Bates (2009)
  • Professor John Breen (2009)
  • Neville Box (2008)
  • Kerry Canty (2008)
  • Roger Canty (2008)
  • Paula Christophersen (2004)
  • Alastair Davison (2004)
  • Michael Drennan (2008)
  • Anita Forsyth (2004)
  • Trish Hollonds (2005)
  • Keith King (2004)
  • Nevia Pimpini (2005)
  • Geoff Shaw (2009)
  • Jan Sherry (2009)
  • Chris Steinfort (2004)
  • Leonie Swarbrick (2005)
  • Charmaine Taylor (2004)
  • Lyn Thane (2008)
  • Alan Wharton (2008)

CPTAV Outstanding Professional Service Award Recipients

The Council of Professional Teaching Associations of Victoria is the peak organisation representing professional teaching associations in Victoria. Its thirty one member associations are composed of both subject specific, discipline based and cross-curricular organisations which represent teachers across all sectors. The Outstanding Professional Service Award recognises individual members’ outstanding professional contribution to education in Victoria, made in a voluntary capacity to their professional teachers’ association.

2014 Recipient: Michael Hill, VCTA President and long term VCTA Board Member.

2013 Recipient: Garry Taylor, former VCTA President and recent President Business Educators Australasia and VCTA Life member

2012 Recipient: Tony Kuc, recent VCTA President, current member of VCTA Board of Directors and VCTA Life member

2011 Recipient: Kerry Canty, Lecturer in Education (Accounting) at Monash University, member of VCTA Board of Directors and Treasurer and VCTA Life member

2010 Recipient: Jules Aldous, Legal Studies teacher, author, VCTA Life member and current member of the VCTA Board of Directors.

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