Free email network for VCTA members

What is Comchat?

For VCTA members, Comchat is an email discussion group providing instant contact with colleagues. A discussion group is a two-way method of 'posting' (sending) emails among a specified group of people.

There is a group specific to each VCE business studies subject - Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies.

Using email, Comchat participants can post to the group to ask a question, discuss issues, clarify course content and share ideas, approaches and resources. Responses are from anyone in the group who choose to reply to the query or comment. Please note: using Comchat means that your email address can be seen by fellow users.

Comchat provides VCTA members with a network of colleagues; you can have regular contract with a group of people, no matter where you teach.

How to join: easy and fast

NOTE: Comchat is for VCTA members only.

You must use the email address registered at VCTA as part of your individual or school list membership.

Make sure that you are logged in before you proceed. JOIN HERE

How to post (send) a message

Once on a list, you can send a message to that list. Simply send the email to the group using the applicable address below.

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