VCTA will endeavour to update this information frequently and add to this list of Frequently Asked Questions over time.

Please contact if you have any queries about how to use the VCTA website. If you are not sure about any aspect of the website, your membership or username/password issues, please do not hesitate to contact VCTA Membership Services on (03) 9417 3555.

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Q. Do I need to log in? Is this just for Members?
A. Yes, the login is for VCTA members to allow access to members-only resources (such as eg. Compak and Classroom articles) and to display the correct pricing when registering for events or purchasing resources. It is recommended that get used to you logging in upon entering the VCTA site.

Q. How can I get a username and password?
A. When joining VCTA the sytem will issue you with a username and password. The password can be changed at any time; the username is system-generated and cannot be changed. We recommend that you keep a record of your username and password in a convenient location.


Q. Why join as an Individual member if my school is a member?

A.Individual members receive larger registration discounts than school members to attend professional learning programs and the annual VCTA Comview conference. Also, Individual members can access papers/handouts from selected professional learning programs during the year (except Comview), even if you do not register or attend.


Q. I am a school member? How does access to the VCTA website work?
A. Each school member account has a nominated contact person (this is often the Department/Faculty Head). This is the only person who can add other staff members to the school member list. Once added each additional staff member will be emailed their own personal username and password. NOTE: Always use your own personal username and password.

Q. Can I give my username and password to other staff members?
A. No, no and no! If someone else uses your login details when registering for an event, or buying a resource, the website will replace your details with that person's details. The website associates your username and password with YOU only.
To give other staff access, the nominated school contact person must add their details to your school's membership.

Q. I am the school contact person for our school's membership. How can I add additional staff members?
A. If you hold your school’s membership: Login to the VCTA website using your username and password. Click on ‘My Memberships’ in top menu bar and proceed to manage your membership details, including which staff have access. The details required to add a staff member are first name, last name and email address.

Q. I don't know who the school contact person for our school's membership is. How can I find out?
A. Contact VCTA Membership Services on (03) 9417 3555 and we will look it up for you.

Q. Can the school contact person add as many staff members to the school membership list as they want?
A. Depends! If you are a Victorian Standard school member you can have a maximum of three staff (including the school contact person) on the list. If your a Victorian Plus member you can add an unlimited number of staff.

Q. Can my school upgrade from a Victorian Standard school membership to a Plus school membership throughout the year?
A. If you are a Standard school member and wish to upgrade to the Plus membership, please contact VCTA Membership Services on (03) 9417 3555.

Q. How can a school change the contact person for their school membership?
A. Contact VCTA Membership Services on (03) 9417 3555 or email.


Q. I have not received a tax invoice for my purchase.
A. For each order (ie. when joining as a new member or renewing your membership, registering for events or purchasing resources) an invoice will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment. Please print this invoice and present it to your bursar for payment.

Q. How can I pay for my purchases?
A. VCTA accepts payment by credit card (VISA/Mastercard only), cheque and EFT. VCTA tax invoice number to be quoted as reference.


Q. Where do I find last year's Classroom section?
A. VCTA's online resource Classroom is not continuing in 2010. We have transferred some key Classroom components, such as VCE unit timelines, Unit 2 exams etc, to the new Compak. Classroom pre-2010 was available for members on our old website until the end of 2010 only.


Q. The ARCHIVE and SEARCH button does not work in the menu bar.
A. These two sections of Compak are presently still under construction and not accessible. Upon their finalisation members will be able to access an archive of past Compak issues as well as perform advanced searches for articles.

Q. The bottom of the page gets cut off when I print from a PDF file.
A. Firstly make sure that in the Page Setup dialogue box the page size is set correctly to the size of the document (ie. A4 landscape or portrait or A3 size). Secondly, in the Print Dialogue box, select 'fit to printable area' under Page Scaling.

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